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For venues & multi-location businesses...

Are you seeking a customised, easy to use & administer scheme? That's exactly what we set out looking for when we got tired of overly complicated setup fees, monthly contracts and inflexible platforms that claimed to have all the bells and whistles but didn't have the useability we where looking for as a fast paced entertainments enviroment... So we made our own.

MembersCard Saves The Day!

With 16 years background of dealing with members, point of sales and customer flow dynamics we wanted a bespoke, standalone system that cut down the complications of operating a scheme whilst allowing the user a greater flexibility in maintaining their data and account, becoming GDPR compliant and allowing our venues to capture flow & spend data to better tailor their offers, marketing and product placement.

Completely Customisable...

As we've built it inhouse we have taken the best bits from systems we have previously used and combined them into a simple to use interface for each venue to administer their own membership database, whilst allowing multi location sites to share their lists to operate cohesive loyalty points schemes aswell. Not forgetting the customisable advertising screens between scans and the ability to build in additional features such as Birthday Drink Redemption, Event Ticketing, SMS Marketing, Email Campaign Management and GDPR Compliancy.

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Contacting us couldn't be simpler, just email Jai Byron, our director and he'll personally get back to you within 24 hours.